All Heads Turn When The Hunt Goes By - By John Farris

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"One of the giants of contemporary psychological horror" - Peter Straub


"A legend among thriller writers" - Dean Koontz


"Important to the genre" - Stephen King


"the strongest single work yet produced by the field's most powerful individual voice." - David J. Schow


"...the narrator really brought the story to life. Although the story creeped me out (more than a little), I really could not not stop listening."

The affair is a military wedding. The groom's parents are the Bradwins, one of the oldest and most distinguished families in Virginia.


What begins with the solemnity of marriage vows ends in the echoing screams of the damned - an ungodly spectacle of spilled blood and sobbing, throat-aching terror. For this distinguished family is like no other. A family history is rooted not in magnolia and honeysuckle, but in darkness and blood; in frightening forces beyond their knowledge and control.


From the author and screenwriter behind the Brian dePalma film "The Fury", and such novels as "Wildwood", "Catacombs" and "Nightfall"


11 hours 7 minutes      MSRP:  $ 21.95


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