Baby Bailino (Baby Grand Book 2) - Dina Santorelli

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"It's easy to get lost in this book and listen far longer than you planned." - Five Star Review

"It's well written, suspenseful... It could very well be the next SOPRANOS." - Five Star Review

Two years ago Jamie Carter escaped from the captivity, rescuing the infant daughter of New York Governor and Presidential hopeful Phillip Grand from the kidnapping plot of mobster Don Bailino.


Now, Bailino - her rapist and father of Jamie's 15 month old daughter Faith, inexplicably escapes from prison. Soon Faith is taken, and Jamie sets off, determined to bring her home. In the process Jamie finds an unlikely ally, on the run from the FBI and the Mob, who have a score to settle.


Can Jamie trust the man who once held her prisoner? Can she rely on her instincts? And can she again find the strength to save a child when, this time, that child is her own?

10 hours  41 minutes    MSRP $24.95

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