Voiced by Daniel Penz


Hunter Hellquist is a radio show host that broadcats propaganda for Hyperion in his radio show, "This Just in!"


During the game Hunter Hellquist gives a perspective of in-game events from a Hyperion point-of-view.The show, being propaganda, portrays Hyperion as being good and always winning against the "evil world of Pandora" while casting positive light on Handsome Jack.


He can be met in person and killed during the aptly named optional mission "This Just In". He is located in Arid Nexus - Boneyard, at the top of a radio station just east of the Fast Travel.


His show can be listened to on ECHO from inside Sanctuary, with new episodes often released after a main storyline mission. His office also contains additional ECHOs with episodes that cover events happened before the game, namely the arrival of Hyperion and the destruction of New Haven.

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