Death's Collector - By Bill McCurry

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 in Dark Comedy

★★★★★ “There is always a cost for using magic.

Nowhere have I ever seen that more vividly illustrated,

and in a new and different way.”


★★★★★ “This is a book of murder, violence, and self-exploration. A character study drenched in blood”


★★★★★ “This is a fun read with a protagonist that should not be someone you want to spend time with;

but dammit if you don't enjoy having him around.”

Cursed to take lives for the God of death. Sorcerers must give up things and people they love or accept things they despise to gain magical power. The sorcerer Bib saves his daughter by accepting a curse to murder people, and only Death knows how many Bib must kill. He tries to slay only evil people, but soon finds he's also killing people who are merely bad or who might someday become bad.


Bib chases a brutal sorcerer to help a woman rescue her boy, mainly because he expects a lot of killing. But he doesn't expect to unearth obscure magic, enslave spiteful supernatural beings, and strike ghastly bargains with the childish gods. And the last thing he expects is to face the question - is he a good man cursed to crave murder, or has he always been a murderer at heart?

12 hours 58 minutes     MSRP:   $24.95

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