Deus Ex Rand() - By DJ Bodden

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"The voice is great and the

 story kicks all the butt."

"If you stick around you'll never be bored" pretty much of sums it up for D.J. Bodden's Deus Ex Rand. This short story packs a literary punch." - Five Star Review


If Skyrim had a baby with Fallout, and then the Lord of Madness slapped that baby with a crazy-stick, Deus Ex Rand() is the story that baby would tell you.  - Five Star Review

Welcome to Mackurd. When the Collapse made the simple things complicated and the complicated things man-eating monsters, most people ran around like sissies and got eaten. This is not the story of those people.


This is the story of unlikely heroes kicking undead pelvises and shooting monsters before their names become an issue, all while trying to keep the squad mascot from stealing all the beer. It's a short story of the Collapse, set in the world of the Black Year Series.


18 minutes     MSRP:   $3.95

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