The Well Tempered Dialect - By Daniel Penz

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If you have ever visited a Renaissance or Medieval faire, listening to this audio will bring those memories so vividly to life that you will feel once again that you have "stepped back to a magical time wherein the cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done"

- 5 Star Amazon Review

The Easy Way to a Renaissance English Accent!


The indispensable guide for anyone who wants to learn to speak with a Renaissance English accent, The Well Tempered Dialect is designed specifically to help you master the language. TWTD is indispensable for the seasoned veteran striving to perfect their craft, an instructor in the classroom, the casual weekend performer, or the novice just starting out.


Period clothing  tailored to perfection, accoutrement accessorized to a 't', and weaponry polished till it shines... but every time your mouth opens your speech pegs you firmly as a resident of the 21st century??


Let The Well Tempered Dialect finish out your ensemble, and let nothing stand between you and your period perfect self.



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