Elastic Habits - Stephen Guise

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" I am SO excited about this book and the new habit system he has in place. It’s pure genius!"

                                                - 5 Star Amazon Review


"I've used the system for almost 2 weeks now, and it FEELS amazing to achieve an elite when you've previously done a mini."

- 5 Star Amazon Review

Habits that bend don't break.


Why do so many sincere attempts to build good habits fail?


We try our best to be consistent, but some days are better than others. Inevitably, we fail when "life happens", because each day we try to hit the same targets regardless of the situations we face. How, then, can we make our habits more resilient to the turbulence of life?


By making them elastic.


Most people associate "elastic" with yoga pants and rubber bands. But the word also means "resilient" - the ability to withstand pressure. Elastic materials are far more durable than rigid and brittle ones, which will shatter under pressure. The same is true for habits.


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