Strategic Innovator - By Ric Thompson

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"...many challenges for the reader throughout

this well-written text."

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In an era where we are bombarded by a thousand advertisements each day, what makes a business stand out in the mind of its potential customers? What makes you different from your competitors?


Too many business owners and entrepreneurs have fallen victim to the “bells and whistles” mentality and end up wasting their time, money, and focus on fancy marketing to sell their mediocre products and services. They forget what is most important: Being Remarkable.


When your product or service is so innovative that your customers rave about it to everyone they know, marketing will just be icing on the cake. Innovation is the real key to success.


In “Strategic Innovator: Implementing Change and Creativity For Solopreneurs and Visionaries,” Bestselling Author Ric Thompson will teach you how to kick your business’s creativity into overdrive.



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