JEMO: An Alternate Account of Operation Crossroads

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"...A quick and easy read with chapters that kept the pace up. The characters are explored initially, but then developed as individuals and the story sees them trying to bind together to save falling apart."


"The narrator, Daniel Penz, did a fantastic job with the audiobook edition. His excellent performance really showcased the emotions of the sailors and their struggle and made an already moving book heart wrenching for the listener."


"If you're looking for a quick, entertaining read with some emotional heft, "Jemo" should appeal to you."

The United States conducted highly classified atomic testing in the Marshall Islands. One of the ships used in the mock up fleet was a captured Japanese Battleship, the Nagato.


These ships were equipped with an array of equipment, from cameras to Geiger counters, as well as various farm animals. These tests were intended to determine "Fleet Survivability" in the face of a thermonuclear implosion.


Unfortunately, no one fully understood, or could even begin to imagine, the utter devastation about to be unleashed...or the consequences!


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