Jesus And... - James Earl Mead

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"Tough issues answered in ways that

I can understand as a Christian!"

Five Star Amazon Review


What if you knew that God really

 "gets it" about you?

What if you could get it about God?

 How could you know?


What if there were a believable answer - an answer with actual evidence - about where you will be on the day you die? What if the goal of the Christian life isn't "being good", or even "going to heaven when I die"? What if avoiding all suffering is a bad idea? What if there were more to say about suffering than "make it go away!"


What if you could forgive yourself - and someone who wounded you badly - the way Jesus has? What if there were something that is true all the time, everywhere and for everybody? And what if it were good news - news you could know and live by?

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