Charm School: Pride, Precedence & the Art of Hand Kissing

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Volume Two in the

History, Customs and Manners series,

by Bob Floyd and Penz Productions

Learn the behaviors of a bygone age; hone your historical performance; find your place in the 'pecking order' or just brush up on your courtly manners: All this and more in "Charm School" from Penz Productions. Historian, Instructor and Performer Bob Floyd takes listeners into the past in this, the second installment of the History, Customs and Manners series from Penz Productions.


Recorded live before members of the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts at Scarborough Faire: The Renaissance Festival, "Charm School" lays out the social rules for interaction between the classes; explains why 'humility' doesn't necessarily mean what you think it does; reveals the secrets (and dangers) in the delicate art of the hand kiss, and much more.


Attend Charm School, and make your next historical performance or reenactment more... charming!


10 Tracks, 30 minutes     MSRP: $ 9.99

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