Mini Habits - Best Selling Author Stephen Guise

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"This book gives you everything you need to start changing your life one habit at a time, one 'stupid small' at a time."


"...the narrator made this book really easy to get into and made me want to listen." 5 Star Audible Review


Lasting Change For Early Quitters, Burnouts, The Unmotivated,

 And Everyone Else Too


One afternoon--after another failed attempt to get motivated to exercise--I (accidentally) started my first mini habit. I initially committed to do one push-up, and it turned into a full workout. I was shocked. This "stupid idea" wasn't supposed to work. I was shocked again when my success with this strategy continued for months (and to this day). I had to consider that maybe I wasn't the problem in those 10 years of mediocre results. Maybe it was my prior strategies that were ineffective, despite being oft-repeated as "the way to change" in countless books and blogs.

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