The Secret Economics of the Renaissance

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Volume Three in the

History, Customs and Manners series,

by Bob Floyd and Penz Productions

Economics has always been considered a dry and dusty topic. But in "The Secret Economics of the Renaissance", the third installment in the History, Customs and Manners series from Penz Productions, Historian, Instructor and Performer Bob Floyd takes an entertaining and informative look at what drove the English economy. He examines how the rise of capitalism was caused by the Black Death; uncovers the reasons behind the rise of the middle class; explores how the nobility made money off their children; and reveals what 20 shillings a year could really buy!


Recorded live before members of the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts on the grounds of Scarborough Faire: The Renaissance Festival, "The Secret Economics of the Renaissance" is a lively look behind the driving factors behind the birth of our modern age.


9 Tracks, 25 minutes     MSRP: $ 7.99

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