The Birth of Scarborough Faire

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Volume Four in the

History, Customs and Manners series,

by Bob Floyd and Penz Productions

Scarborough Faire was a major trading festival in the days of the European Renaissance, with a Royal charter granted by King Henry III on the 22nd of January in 1253 AD. But few realize that the roots or this iconic festival date back more than three thousand years before its heyday of the 1500's. In "The Birth of Scarborough Faire" Historian, Instructor and Performer Bob Floyd takes listeners into the past and digs into just what made this faire so great.


Recorded live before members of the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts at Scarborough Faire: The Renaissance Festival, "The Birth of Scarborough Faire", the fourth installment of the History, Customs and Manners series explores the origins of the English trade faire, and reveals some of the secrets that helped make Scarborough one of the largest festivals its kind.


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