The State of the World in 1533

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Volume Five in the

History, Customs and Manners series,

by Matthew Duvall and Penz Productions

In 1533, Henry the Eighth viewed himself as the 'Arbiter of Europe' and the 'great equalizer' in the European game of thrones. Knowledge of the politics of the continent was crucial to the English rise to prominence, and a firm grasp on the state the 'game' is a must for any serious Renaissance performer.


Looking closely at Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, the Holy Roman Empire, Italy and the lands to the East, historian and performer Matthew Duvall examines these countries relations with England; how Henry's divorce with Catherine of Aragon affected the 'state of play'; and how the Protestant revolution threatened to 'clear the board'.


Recorded live before members of the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts on the grounds of Scarborough Faire: The Renaissance Festival, "The State of the World in 1533" is the fifth installment of the History, Customs and Manners series from Penz Productions.


6 Tracks, 26 minutes     MSRP: $ 5.94

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