Power for Living - By T.D. Jakes

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 "Bishop T. D. Jakes writes from a genuine heartfelt sense of compassion with a desire for each reader to experience commitment to a wholehearted pursuit of God , through His Son Jesus, and the anointed power of His Spirit."

 — Richard R. Blake


"I cannot think of a greater living example of the consistent ability to draw on t he power for living through the anointing of the Lord. T.D. Jakes is a man without equal."

- Don Nori, Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

Every believer is equipped with Power for Living because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The question is: Will believers make themselves available to receive that power? You are capable of achieving more than you ever imagined. You have power that the Lord God has designed especially for you. His Master plan is to carry you to new and exciting heights of splendor, hope, and love. His power will help you through personal difficulties as well as guide you into the dreams God has destined for you. This book gives you the keys to yielding to His power and trusting His ways above your own. The Always-Present One says, So, I will teach those who make idols. Right now I will teach them about My power and My strength. Then they will know that My Name is The Always-Present One (Jeremiah 16:21 PEB). You are the salt of the earth, the beacon in a dark world, the refreshing stream for a thirsty land plug into the Source of all power today!


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