Prepping 101 - by Robert Paine

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"...set me on the path to being prepared for any scenario."


“ There will always be questions about prepping, but for now this book has started me off on the right track..."


"If you have thought about becoming more prepared to face difficult situations, but don't know how to begin, this book is a great one..."

Are You and Your Family Ready

to Survive the Next Disaster?


Power Outages. Blizzards. Floods. Mudslides. Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. No matter  are natural disasters on an almost daily basis all around the world. Not to mention man-made disasters.


There are threats of wars, terrorist attacks and jokes about zombie's taking over. The world economy is crumbling and if the disaster of Hurricane Katrina taught us anything, it’s that we can’t really depend on the government to help us.


If you are interested in learning how to protect your family from any and all of the inevitable disasters that could potentially happen, this book is your first step to learning how to prepare for any emergency situation.


1 Hour, 48 Minutes       MSRP: $  6.95

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