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"I have to admit to having a tiny crush on your narrator Daniel Penz which is why I’ve

been holding out for the audio book." - Reviewer note to best selling author Stephen Guise

His ability to switch between characters was wonderful. I felt I could identify nationalities and picture the players vividly.

Daniel Penz is a fantastic narrator. I will start with that. I sincerely enjoyed listening to him read

(and anyone who listens to audiobooks knows that this matters!)

"Daniel Penz. All I can say is WOW. His performance was incredibly good. Every character had a distinct voice and persona and they were ALL excellent. If I had to choose one, I'd go back to Rosarita. I was blown away by how he nailed her accent and her character. He is a very talented voice actor." - Five Star Audible Review

"...narrator Daniel Penz can knock the shoes off a stallion with his vocal

characterizations, and he turns in a true tour-de-force with this one! "

All those characters with different voices! How does he do it?

"...the narrator really brought the story to life. Although the story creeped me out (more than a little), I really could not not stop listening. I am not sure I would have continued to read the book, but the narration of the audiobook was superlative. And, after all, isn't THAT what makes a good book a GREAT Audiobook?

To tell a good story, narrators need voices that sound trustworthy. Get inflections right, vary the pace, enunciate words clearly, lead us through the moods of the tale. In this regard, Daniel Penz... delivers the goods. Penz has a real knack for sustaining a lively and interested tone... I listened, I couldn't put it down

Daniel's voice breathes life into the narrative.

The quality of the voice, the ability to create different voices for each character, and of course-his consistent delivery, which pulled the story along at a pace that matched the writing

Daniel Penz really brought the book

to life through his superb narration

The narrator, Daniel Penz, did a fantastic job with the audiobook edition. His excellent performance really showcased the emotions of the sailors and their struggle and made an already moving book heart wrenching for the listener.

The narrator's voice makes you feel like your inside the head of the Engineer, as he narrates into his logbook about how he's trying to keep his crew alive.

He added real emotion to the dialogue, and makes you feel like you're there.

Daniel Penz's narration was excellent. His soft Scottish brogue was perfect for this audio and really set the stage for imagining that you are in northern Scotland. I definitely recommend this audiobook

Daniel Penz's performance brought each character to life in a vivid way.

I cannot say enough about Mr. Penz's performance. He is a remarkably talented performer

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