The Secret History of Scarborough Faire

Volume Nine in the

History, Customs and Manners series,

by Doug Jacobs and Penz Productions

Since 1980, millions of visitors to Scarborough Faire: The Renaissance Festival have been entertained by the members of the Scarborough Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA), its resident performing company


For more than three decades, SAPA performers have built a recreation of then1533 Renaissance village. Steeped in English history, the Performing Company have crafted and nurtured their own stories and relationships, and developed a vibrant, interactive setting for their patrons enjoyment.


Unavailable for more than a decade, stories behind the Village of Scarborough can once again be told. SAPA veteran Douglas Jacobs (as High Lord Mayor and Baron of Scarborough, Sir Jamison Rooke) crafts a spellbinding tale of the people and events that have made Scarborough Faire a living, breathing community. (And also learn the origins of the famed elixir 'The Remedy!')


5 Tracks, 32 minutes     MSRP: $ 4.00

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