Startup Strategy - By Ric Thompson

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"I wish I had the advice contained in this book before I started my home-base business years ago."

"...great tips and tools to use that you need to

have when starting a business..."

Bestselling author Ric Thompson gives you the tools and step-by-step systems you need to create a solid business strategy and then use that strategy to start and manage your business successfully. You will learn the importance of donning your CEO hat and how to work ON your business rather than only working IN your business.


Most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs don’t have any formal business training (which is often a benefit), but they do need to understand the basic components of a business strategy, how to set business goals, and the tools they can use to build they businesses strong.


From learning how to produce a SWOT Analysis to walking you through the first draft of your business plan, this book gives you immediately applicable information that you can use today to make a difference in your business and your life.

1 hour 18 minutes  MSRP: $6.95

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