Ten Short Essays on Writing - By David Bain

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"Bain offers practical, no-nonsense advice on the

art and craft of writing."


"I'm just a few pages into his second essay and had to write to you to say "Get this book"


David Bain, author of GRAY LAKE, DEATH SIGHT and several short story collections, offers ten essays on writing, with an eye toward helping new writers gain their footing and keeping the more seasoned scribe motivated. It also includes his essay "Basic E-Book Self-Publishing Advice for Newbies" which has already helped hundreds of beginning indie authors.


A longtime college English prof and former newspaper bureau chief, Bain infuses these essays on the writing life with years of teaching, editing, and indie publishing experience, using an easygoing yet incisive style.


Also included are insights into Bain's own work, background into his fictional characters and settings, and two interviews with fellow authors working in the dark fantasy genre.



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