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"...the ultimate source of information for people who wants to learn how to build and maintain their tiny house properly."

 "...everything a beginner needs to

know about tiny homes..."

"The book contains all that you need to redecorate and make your living space feel homey, comfortable and fully utilized."

Thinking about moving into a tiny home? Have you heard a lot about the tiny house movement and have been thinking that this is the right move for you? This little house movement is gaining in popularity all over the world; the idea that you can get rid of all the unnecessary things in your life and instead focus on what really matters, taking care of the environment.

While living in a small house may seem like a great idea, there are many individuals who feel that a shipping container home is just too small for them. How are they going to get the bare necessities to fit, much less everything else that they may like to have on hand? This guidebook is here to help you get started so you can enjoy living in a tiny home without having to worry so much about where everything will fit.

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