Think You Want To Be A Voice Artist?

Ask any Voice Talent: One of the most common questions you hear is


"Oh, you do Voice Overs? How do I get started with that?"


Contrary to popular belief, you need more than just a good voice to try and make a living in this business. But it can be done!


I first stepped in a V/O booth more than 30 years ago, and I was hooked. Since then I've performed on countless numbers of animated cartoons, audio-books, commercials, corporate/industrial videos, live theater, radio, television and even the occasional movie. I've worked and studied with a wide variety of artists and professionals over those years, but there's always more to learn.


Below, you'll find a series of links and articles I've found to help the aspiring V/O Artist. I'll add to this list as I find quality content.

What I Use in My Studio (Your Mileage May Vary):


An Acoustic Systems V/O booth - A bit cozier than I might like, but you can't beat a dedicated booth!


Audio Technica 4040 Studio Microphone - My first one of these is still going strong after 14 years, so I got a second for my field kit!


Auphonix 6-Inch Microphone Pop Filter  for the microphone.


Scarlett 2x2 Audio Interface - Again, I've got two of these, one in the home studio, one in the field kit


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones  - Home Studio / Koss Portapro Headphones - (Field)


Adobe Audition: Creative Cloud, latest version - for Recording, Editing, Mastering and MP3 creation


RX5 Advanced - Without a doubt, the best noise reduction, audio repair software I've EVER found!


And a home built PC (creatively nicknamed the 'Monster Box') for home studio recording, and a 15" MacBook Pro for use in the field.


Plus, and I can't recommend this enough: DROPBOX!!! Record in one location, edit/mix in another, and no moving files around!


And finally: Hightail - for sending large files


Handy Articles /Videos:


Some basic suggestions on setting up your recording space:

from Audio Technica. The guys read is pretty cheesy, but he's got some good basic information.


More advice on creating a quick and dirty recording space:  I've worked with this gentleman's sister for years, and she's terrific!


One Narrators Setup and End to End Process: A pretty good explanation of how one guy does it!


How I chose a Narrator for my Audiobook: One authors rationale about how he made his choice!


Let’s talk about Royalty Share and Marketing:


NPR's handy guide to Training Your Ear

Some Free Recording Software and Recording Information Sites:


Audacity - Free download and free tutorials


Studio One 3 Prime - a free multi-track music recording software package.


LMMS Multimedia Studio is a free, modern audio program


The GarageDoor is about home recording for users of both Mac and PC software. It is full of tips about live recording, effects, loops, finding free loops, etc:

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